Google Adwords can be a very effective way of increasing your sales and enquiries, but only if you spend the time getting your campaign to a level where it is working and providing a decent return on investment. Getting the right kind of clicks for your money is the main aim of the Google Ads game, as it is easy to get traffic, but getting the right kind of traffic is the only way you will increase your conversions and push your business forward.

Quite often, you will think that your campaign looks ok and is getting impressions, but you may notice you are not getting the click throughs and site visitors for your efforts. Of course, without people clicking your adverts, you are not going to generate business, so it is really important that you work out why people are not clicking through and then do something about it, as there is no point running a campaign if you are not getting traffic from it.

Below, we look at a 5 simple things you can improve to try and get more clicks from your Google Ads and PPC campaign.

Look At Your Adverts

Having a low CTR (click through rate) can often be a sign that your adverts are just not cutting it when it comes to making people want to click through to your website. Generally, a low CTR is caused by being in a very low position, as don’t forget that your advert will show as an impression even if it’s displaying in 1stor 10th on the page, and the lower down the page you are the less click throughs you are going to get. Therefore, if you are getting a decent position but few clicks, check your adverts, try some new styles and then see if this improves your overall results, as just creating three adverts and never looking at alternatives is not how you should be working your PPC campaign.

Expand Your Keywords

Limited keywords can often lead to limited results, so if you have only a couple of keywords currently in your Google Ads account then you need to really delve a little deeper and run some keyword research to see if you are missing out on any of the bigger volume (but related) keyword searches. Although you should not be using hundreds of keywords per Ad Group, you do need enough to not only start driving traffic, but to also make sure you are picking up a good range of keywords that match your products or services, which is why revisiting your keywords from time to time can often highlight new areas that could well be worth trying in your campaign.

Check Your Location Targeting

Although location targeting for most businesses is extremely important, if you are targeting small locations with very few potential users in those areas, then you are simply not going to get the clicks, no matter how long the campaigns run. When you set your location areas, Google Ads will give you an estimated potential “reach”, or at least how many people are in this area and might see your advert if they search for your keywords, but generally, some areas are just too small to get results. If you are using radius targeting then you can try expanding this radius, or if you are bidding on specific locations then you might want to try expanding these if they would be relevant to your business. Do not just add new areas if they are not going to be relevant or get results, as it’s better to get less clicks, but the right customers as a result of these clicks, then just pay for a load of traffic that won’t convert.

Increase Your Bid / Positioning

If you are happy that your adverts, keywords and targeting settings all hit the mark and are as good and relevant as they can be, then you need to start asking yourself the simple question – are you paying enough? Quite simply, the more you bid the higher you will appear, and although this does not take into account your Quality Score and other ranking factors, generally, you might need to up your keyword bid to get more clicks. If your keywords are not being seen and have few impressions, or if they have impressions but hardly any clicks, then you need to be bidding more to try and get higher placements. The majority of clicks through Google Ads go to the top three or four positions, so if you are well below this then it is going to be a contributing reason why the clicks are just not happening for you.

Change Your Match Types

As we have covered many times before, Google Ads offers 4 types of keyword matching and these are – Exact, Phrase, Broad and Broad Match Modifier. If you go with exact match, then you will be limiting your clicks but then you could argue that you will only be getting the best traffic, as only people searching for the exact keyword or key phrase you are bidding on will come through to your website. But, you can often find this does exclude quite a few potential customers, so if you are finding the click throughs a bit limited, try a phrase match campaign and then a broad match modifier campaign to see if this improves your traffic, but make sure you keep an eye on your negative keywords and conversions, which will exclude any really poor traffic that you do not want to be paying for.

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