PPC Management … It Starts Today

When it comes to a winning Google Ads or Bing Ads PPC campaign, the set up and implementation is the first thing that needs to be spot on, but then the management and ongoing optimisation of the account is also very important.

A Pay Per Click campaign is rarely, if ever, a plug and play approach, where you can add your campaign, sit back and let the sales role in, as if it were like this, we would not have much work to be doing!

Pay Per Click often needs an expert to manage it, keep it on track, explore new areas and really make sure that those conversions keep on coming for your business, and from time to time when major updates happen, to be on top of them and to keep your company at the top of the PPC results.

We do a great job of managing campaigns, we work with our clients to make sure success is flowing and that the campaign is improving, and of course, we look at new areas we can get more sales for our clients.

Let us manage your PPC and bring it online and inline to deliver more success.

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Managing Pay Per Click Campaigns …. It’s What We Do

Your Eyes & Ears

Any PPC campaign is open to problems occurring, from adverts being disapproved through to budget and payment issues, which is why we make sure your campaigns are always running, and work with you when they are not.

Optimising For Results

A PPC management firm will not only keep your campaigns running, but work with you to improve them through optimisation, removing the bad and increasing the good, continually looking for ways to get better.

Knowledge Is Power

Things never stay the same, which is why a Google Ad Management Agency stays informed, is continually up to date on features, changes and the technical side of things, allowing them to keep your campaign flying high.

We Have The Time

When running a business you are unlikely to have the time and maybe even the effort to keep your PPC marketing working, and working well, which is why we have the time and the effort to make sure everything works.

A PPC Campaign Needs Time, Effort And Ongoing Care

Many businesses think they can spend half an hour getting a quick campaign live and then the results will come rolling in, which is understandable as this often what Google and Bing will tell them. In theory this sounds great, but in reality this is rarely the case, as not only is it easy to really get things wrong on set-up, it is even easier to let it run, spending money and delivering no results.

PPC marketing is no different from any other form of marketing, but the advantage it has over other forms is that it is highly reactive, so a change you make at 9am, will often be in play by 10am, meaning you have never had more control over your marketing than with Pay Per Click.

A Google Ads and Bing Ads management company not only makes sure your campaigns are working well, but they work with you to provide ongoing improvements and optimisation, working with your business to get the most from any campaign you choose to run.

What should you expect from a PPC Management Company?

  • Ongoing Communication And Reports
  • Campaign Optimisation – Negative Keywords, Bid Adjustments, Campaign Structure
  • Campaign Suggestions And Improvements
  • Future Planning For Changes
  • Commitment To A Certain Amount Of Hours On Your Account

Every penny or pound you spend on PPC has to be accountable, it has to work to make you money. There is no point spending £500 a month and getting £100 worth of sales, as with the correct tracking and metric understanding, a management firm will make sure the money you spend is getting you the right results, the right sales volume and a level of ROI that your business feels is acceptable.

The right PPC management firm will not just meet expectations, it will work to exceed them.

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