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Pay Per Click Search Campaigns are the most commonly used campaigns across both Google Ads and Bing Ads, as this is how the PPC industry basically started.

Search campaigns are just that, when someone searches what you have to offer as a business, or for the service you offer, your adverts will appear at the top of the page above the natural results (organic or SEO results) and often below these results as well.

Around 15% of searchers will click on Pay Per Click Search adverts, which means that your businesses really can be above all of your competitors through a well created, well implemented and well managed PPC Search Campaign.

Put simply, if you want to be top of Google quickly, and you want results that you are very much in control of, PPC search campaigns on Google Ads and Bing Ads really are the perfect option for your business.

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For All Businesses

PPC search campaigns via both Google AdWords and Bing Ads work for any type of business, covering all sectors and industries, as if people search for what you offer online, you need to have a presence there.

Only Pay For Clicks

The beauty of a PPC search campaign is that you only pay when someone clicks your advert, meaning that you are in full control of your budget, where and how you spend it and the level of clicks you want.

Specific Targeting

The beauty of a search campaign is you only need to appear in the correct locations, for the correct search terms and only reach your perfect audience, avoiding wasting money on widespread, non effective marketing.

Highly Measurable

Through conversion tracking, metric analysis and performance reflection, your campaigns are made to work for your business and are highly measurable and accountable, putting you in control of every penny you spend.

Our Approach To A Pay Per Click Search Campaign

Step One

Our initial conversation with your business will be to understand exactly what you do in terms of your service, your products or your industry, as the more knowledge we have about your business, the better we can tailor a campaign that will work well. We get to know your business, we get to understand your goals and requirements and we get to know your target audience, as once we have this understanding, only then can we go about making a perfect campaign for your company.

Step Two

We run extensive keyword research to make sure that we have enough traffic and the right keywords to attract people to your business, but more importantly, to attract the right type of people. Traffic is easy to get, but getting the right kind of traffic is where you will utilise our skills and experience, and therefore, get better results. We then present our findings to you, outlining what we recommend we target and how we go about it.

Step Three

Based on our research and suggestion, we go about making the campaign offline, and then present our work to you so that you can approve. This contains all of the campaigns we have proposed you run, including settings, adverts and keywords, so that you can see what we are planning to do and have the final say with our guidance. It is important the tone fits your image, but that we also approach our campaigns to get the best metrics.

Step Four

And It’s Live …… Well, it will be when we have taken the approved work and added it to the Google Ads system. The process of optimisation the begins, to get your campaign rocking and rolling and delivering more traffic, results and ultimately leads and sales.

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