Pay Per Click if done correctly can be a massive source of traffic, enquiries and sales, and with the right kind of campaign, can offer a seriously decent return on investment.

Of course, making PPC work for your company comes down to getting it to generate the bottom line sales without spending massive amounts of money, as if you spend £1,000 a week but only get £1,500 in sales, and you then also have to take into account the cost of the product and overheads, you actually end up losing money rather than making it. Having said that, this does not take into account the lifetime value of the customer, but from a ROI point of view based on a one-off conversion the figures do not make sense.

Like most things in life, getting it to work requires skill, knowledge and a lot of time, and when we talk about time, we mean a lot of time, as getting your campaign rocking and rolling not only involves campaign design and setup time, but also a lot of ongoing management and tweaking, looking at what is working, improving what is not, and also keeping up with updates and account improvements takes time as well.

And this is where you might want to consider using a PPC Management Company, as not only do the best ones truly earn their keep, but there are many advantages of using one, as we go onto look at below.

Experience Of AdWords / Bing Ads

Whenever you outsource a service to a specialist company, you are not only paying for their skill, but also their expertise, and when you are dealing with sometimes complicated systems like AdWords, this experience is crucial. They can save you money through doing the right thing, they can get you more sales by utilising years of experience of campaigns and they can advise you on the right way forward, as to become a recommended specialist in something, you need to have a wealth of experience in what you do.

Their Time, Not Yours

AdWords, Bing Ads and online marketing or PPC in general needs a lot of time and investment. It is not just a case of whacking a campaign into the system and sitting back to see the sales rolling in, it is far more intense than this. From designing the winning campaign, through to optimising and managing the campaign to get the best results, by using a management company you are paying for their time to do this, and your time is spent running your business or doing the things that you do well, after all, there are only so many hours in the day.

Staying Ahead Of The Game

AdWords continually evolves, from new campaign settings through to how the campaigns are structured, and if you are not on top of this and your competitors are then you are simply going to fall behind. A prime example was the recent change to extended adverts, which if you knew nothing about the change meant that all of your old adverts were old school and you were missing out on all of the new features. A decent PPC management company will know these changes are coming and advise you as such, making sure that your campaign is always fresh, current and working with all the latest features.

Continually Making Improvements And Micro Management

As we mentioned, a pay per click campaign is not just about getting a few adverts, keywords and some settings in place, it is a continual evolution of improvements. Not all campaigns need a high level of management, but most campaigns need someone to keep their eye on them, especially in the most competitive industries where your rivals are also on top of their game and trying to win the PPC bidding war. From large scale campaign changes, through to small tweaks and optimisation, these are the things that a pay per click management company can bring to the table and these are also the things that can really make your campaign a success.

To Improve Campaign ROI

As a business, you spend money to make money, else there would be little point in getting up in the morning and spending 16 hours a day doing it. A decent PPC management company has your return on investment at the front of their mind, as making sure you are experiencing an excellent ROI is so, so important, as you don’t want to be spending a load of money and then getting no sales from it. If a campaign is not working, they will work with you to make it work, and even if it is working, they will try to squeeze more and more from it until it’s really delivering massive rewards.

Reporting And Accountability

AdWords offers a massive range of reports, statistics and information that at first glance can be overwhelming, so the job of your PPC agency would be to give you the information need, rather than just bog standard reports that might not be applicable to you. They will understand the level of reporting you need and then make it happen, which means that when the monthly report lands in your inbox, it is the right level of detail for you to make the decisions and present accountability should you need to.


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