As a local business, the need to attract the right customers is obviously very important, with so many possible platforms to advertise on it can be hard to allocate a good budget in the right areas, as every penny is important when it comes to getting a good level of return on investment.

Every business should have a marketing budget, with a realistic spend to achieve a good return, as there is no such thing as an open ended budget for any business, especially the ones that are going to be successful and judge every avenue based on success, rather than hearsay. With so many places to spend your money and with so many people wishing to help you spend it, getting online marketing right is hard, unless you really know the best route(s) to take.

Here are just a few reasons why a Google Ads (PPC) campaign really does work for local businesses.

The Search Volume

Put simply, if you want to attract users of the Internet then Google is pretty much the major choice attracting the wealth of the search engine share across the world, which is why when people say they are “Googleing” something, it just means they are searching online, which makes the position that Google are in quite admirable in terms of being the choice to find something online with. To sum this up in numbers:

  • Google processes over 40,000 searches every second
  • This equates to 3.5 billion searches every day
  • And this finishes of with 1.2 trillion searches a year

So, if you want traffic in volume, Google really is the place to be advertising, and alongside your natural SEO where you try to climb the organic rankings, Google Ads means that you can really take advantage of this traffic in terms of getting in front of the maximum number of people that need your service or product.

Targeting Options

Local businesses can massively benefit from Google Ads due to the targeting options in terms of being able to pin point local people looking for local businesses, services or products. You can target people in the same county, town, location and even post code, which basically means it puts you in front of the right people, which few other platforms can really boast. A local, high street based shop realistically needs people who are willing to visit and a locally based service that only covers a certain area, again only needs people looking for that service in the same area, and this is where Google Ads can shine, as it can get these people to your business when they need it or want it and really deliver the right results.

Cost Effective

Go on any forum, any Facebook group or pretty much any open discussion that talks about online marketing and you will generally always find a collection of people that say Google Ads is too expensive and it never worked for them. A bit like a tradesperson blaming their tools, Google Ads can work for pretty much any business, but you need to make sure it is setup correctly and all of the targeting options are spot on, otherwise, you are going to be waving your business flag in every direction going. Google Ads is not easy and nor is it massively user friendly, but taking the time to understand how it works and the methods that will deliver success for your business is really so very important.

It Is Flexible

There is an assumption that you need to have Google Ads running at full whack 365 days of the year, when in fact, you can decide when it needs to work for you and at what level you want to invest, although, you do need to be realistic and spend enough money to get the right exposure and traffic levels. Google Ads does need a level of consistency to really perform, but if your business is very much seasonal then you are able to raise or lower your budget accordingly, upping the spend at your busy time and lowering the spend when you know your business might not really benefit, and then setting a more consistent spend throughout the year.

It Is Accountable

Thanks to both Google Ads conversion tracking and Google Analytics goals, your spend is totally accountable, meaning that you know where the sales have come from and can then adjust your spend accordingly. This is of course something that you should be doing across all of your marketing spend, but Google Ads makes it easy to really drill down, look at what works and of course, and maybe more importantly, what does not work, and you are then in control. Every aspect of your online marketing spend needs to be accountable and you need to know what is making you the sales, otherwise, you can easily spend a lot of money and get very little return.

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