With so many online marketing platforms now available for businesses all over the UK, it can be hard to plan a budget and marketing campaign that uses the right platforms for your company. With more opportunities come more decisions, which is where many businesses come unstuck, as they often choose the wrong platforms or display the wrong message to the right people, as knowing what to use and how to do it can be a tough call.

Video marketing however is a simple concept to understand. With 1/3 of Internet users (over 1 billion) using YouTube, 500 million hours of videos being watched on YouTube every day and 45% of people watching more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week, video marketing really is as potentially powerful. If not more so, as any other marketing platform out there.

Here are just a few reasons why video marketing seriously can work for your business.

Videos Increase Conversions

Videos have proved time and time again that they are one of the biggest converters in terms of leading the viewer through to actually doing something with your company, whether that is buying something or making an enquiry, video, if done correctly, should be one of the best converting marketing methods you use. As we mention, you of course need a brilliant video, but, if you get things spot on then you should see a solid ROI from it, in terms of how much business you do end up landing from your campaign.

Brand Awareness

Videos are brilliant for brand awareness, as not only are more people likely to watch a video rather than read an article or press release, but, they are also more likely to engage with it, whether that’s to leave a comment, share it with their friends or family or subscribe to your channel to enjoy more from your business. People seem to love to interact with videos, which means if you are looking to really increase your brand awareness, a well-made, well designed and well thought out video really is perfect for your business.

Cost Effective Marketing Method

Whether you use YouTube, Facebook or one of the many other video sharing or social media sites to pay to advertise your video, it is one of the most cost effective and affordable marketing platforms out there, and whilst you will still need a good budget to really get some rewards from your video, you can still get some serious results from an affordable campaign. Many clients will dip their toes into the water with a small budget first and then expand depending on results, but do give your campaign time to work before you decide to pull the plug or cut down spend, as video campaigns, like all others, can take time to really deliver results.

Targeting The Right Audience

By using a platform like YouTube (or Google AdWords), Facebook or Twitter for example, you can really drill down and target your perfect audience, or use these platforms to find out what your perfect audience actually is. Whether you want to target by age, location, interests or a range of other demographics, you can get your video in front of the right people, and this means you should get far better results by not showing your video to people that really have no interest in what you do or what you have to offer.

Perfect For Mobile

Video advertising is the perfect marketing platform for mobiles, as most smart phones can play videos from a range of sources and of course, most people have their mobiles with them all day, most evenings and some, very late into the night. This offers any business a perfect opportunity to get in front of the new mobile generation that are literally always connected and therefore, stand far more of a chance to see your video through well placed and highly targeted advertising.

Your Video, Your Message

Unlike many other forms of advertising, video allows you to really get a message across, whether that’s a very short and to the point business introduction trailer through to intense and in-depth short videos, you decide the message that your video will portray. When you think about an email or a newspaper advert, you have seconds to grab the attention and hope people will read on, whereas people are more likely to watch more of a video before they decide whether to stick with it or not.

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