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If you have ever completed a car insurance quote, and then for a week after you get adverts on all of your favourite sites about car insurance, or you nip on Amazon to buy something and then see similar products on your Facebook feed, then welcome to remarketing, you have already met before!

Remarketing can be seen as intrusive, and from time to time you will meet people that hate it so much that they form mini hate campaigns about marketing coming into your home and taking over your life. If you are one of these people, then remarketing is probably not for you, but if you are an open-minded business owner that realises that only 2% of website visitors will complete an action on their first visit, then remarketing is definitely the way to boost your sales.

We specialise in Google Ads Remarketing and Facebook Remarketing, so if you want your business to convert the 98% of visitors that leave your website without so much as even a thank you, we are the right PPC Agency in Bristol, Gloucester and Cheltenham for you.

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Increase Conversions

On average, only 2 – 3% of website visitors do something on their first visit, which means the importance of getting them back onto your site is crucial.

Brand Awareness

It can take 8 or 9 associations with your brand before a customer feels ready to purchase or enquire, so the more they see you, the higher the chances of a sale.

Low Cost

One of the lowest cost per click prices you will find, remarketing offers a really cost effective way of getting more sales and conversions.

Up Sell

If your existing customers trust you, they will buy again and maybe other products or services, so remarketing can help you up sell effectively.

Keeping Your Customers Connected

Remarketing is still a very much under-utilised form of marketing, and whilst it has often had a reputation for being intrusive, when a remarketing campaign is designed and implemented correctly, it not only benefits your business, but it also benefits the customer as well.

Customers and website visitors barely ever convert on their first visit to your website. This is not because they hate you, this is not always because you have your website all wrong, but consumers and online visitors generally need more convincing to make an enquiry or purchase something, and this is an ever-increasing aspect as more and more websites do the same thing.

Remarketing is a simple principle:

  • Customer visits website, does not convert
  • We serve targeted adverts to customer on other websites for your business
  • Customer comes back to website and converts

If you are researching a digital agency to work with, you will have a lot to choose from, just like the customer currently looking for the services your business offers, so making sure that when they are ready to convert, they remember your brand, remember your message and remembers your website is critical to ongoing conversion success.

It is estimated that 3 out of 4 consumers now understand and recognise remarketing and the adverts that are used, and in fact, are 70% more likely to then convert on a website after clicking through again from a remarketing advert.

The stats speak for themselves, so let us sort your remarketing and get your visitors converting today.

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